Global Shipping Delay Statement

To you, our valued PlatinumLED Customer:

We regretfully inform you that due to explosive demand combined with COVID-related global and national shipping setbacks, all currently open BIOMAX orders are delayed.

First and foremost, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We know you’re excited to start using your red light therapy panel and are working around the clock to make that happen as quickly as possible.  All of us here at PlatinumLED are committed to your satisfaction and are working overtime to help ensure this.  We can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding through these unprecedented global times.  All of us as a global community are truly in this together!

Here are the details:

We expect the first round of BIOMAX orders to ship from our facility in late February. 

After the first wave of shipments, another round will follow every few weeks until all orders are fulfilled. 

Please note that we can not give you an exact shipping date or change your shipping date at this time. We will treat all customers fairly ⁠— and that means fulfilling all orders in the order they were received.

Our shipping information page will be updated regularly with shipping information, so please bookmark it for the fastest updates.  

Again, we're very sorry for any inconvenience you’ve experienced as a result of these delays. We know you’re as excited to get the lights in your hands as we are to get them to you.

As always, you may cancel or modify your order if you don’t want to wait. But, please remember that order cancellations are non-reversible. If you cancel your order and change your mind, you will be at the back of the line when you re-order.

Thank you again for being patient with us as we work to meet the demands of our ever-growing PlatinumLED family!