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I had thoracic back surgery 12 years ago and have been in pain in that region ever since. After just 10 sessions my pain is almost gone and my chiropractor is amazed at how much looser my thoracic muscles are. A life changer, highly recommended!


Merchantville, US

This has been a great addition to my wellness center. All the clients that have done a Red Light session have walked away feeling rejuvenated as well as deeply relaxed.


So thankful we hav had the red light therapy for several weeks. My hubby was in a motorcycle accident and very very sore with a couple of broke ribs. Using the red light therapy twice a day he is recovering remakably, within the last 72 hours since the accident. Not to mention he's 73 years old. Highly recommended this far so many benefits.


Seymour, United States

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The Healing Power of Medical-Grade
Light Therapy

Rapid WoundHealing

BioMax's deep-penetrating light speeds up the natural healing process of wounds, aiding post-surgical recovery.



Target inflammation at its source, thanks to BioMax's ability to soothe and reduce swelling.


Tissue Repair &Regeneration

BioMax stimulates cellular repair, crucial for muscle and tissue recovery post-injury or surgery.



Red light therapy is believed to release nitric oxide, a compound that expands blood vessels and improves circulation, enhancing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to bodily tissues.



By reducing inflammation and stimulating mitochondrial function in cells, BioMax helps muscles recover faster from strain or injury.



This red-hot benefit of BioMAX works by energizing your body's cells, making them more efficient in burning calories.

How BIOMAX Works
01 Advanced Healing Specrum

BioMax harnesses a unique blend of red and NIR wavelengths, optimizing light therapy for deeper tissue penetration and more effective recovery.

02 Backed By Science

Numerous studies validate red light therapy's effectiveness in accelerating recovery and enhancing the body’s natural healing processes.

03 Cellular Level Recovery

BioMax’s red light stimulates cellular mitochondria, enhancing energy production crucial for repairing and rejuvenating body tissues.

04 Precision Therapy for Recovery

BioMax leverages the concept of photobiomodulation, targeting specific areas of the body for focused, non-invasive healing and recovery. This precision approach ensures effective treatment where it's needed most.


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