Current Shipping Status & Information

Current Shipping Update - Monday 9/21 -  ***ALL BACK ORDERS THAT WERE SCHEDULED FOR WEEK OF 9/7-9/14 HAVE NOW SHIPPED!*** - If you have not received a tracking email, you will receive one momentarily within the next 24-48 business hours.  Tracking is still being uploaded from the warehouse and will take through Monday 9/21 to finish.  If you have not received tracking yet, DO NOT WORRY!  It is coming!

Our USA distribution center worked overtime during the last two weeks shipping a record amount of literally thousands upon thousands of orders.  We at PlatinumLED can't thank our family of customers enough for their incredible patience and understanding through these times!  The delays in all freight systems worldwide for all companies have been unprecedented in history due to the current world situation.   We do not anticipate further delays and all remaining ETAs are firm at this time.

Current COVID-19 Update:

We are currently shipping daily with no problems from both our USA and international distribution centers to all countries worldwide.  Due to decreased staffing and preventive measures currently in place, there may be a slight unexpected delay from time to time and we do very much appreciate your patience and understanding.

All packages are shipped from our certified clean facilities located worldwide and are guaranteed to be handled with extreme care.  Our global distribution centers adhere to the strictest health measures possible to ensure full compliance and your safety.

Current Shipping Lead Time by Model/Location:

BIO 300 - USA/Canada: Ships on or around week of 10/5/20 - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

BIO 450 - USA/Canada: Ships within 2-3 business days - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

BIO 600 - USA/Canada: USA/Canada: Ships within 2-3 business days - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

BIO 900 - USA/Canada: USA/Canada: Ships within 5-7 business days - All Other Countries:  7-10 days


BIOMAX 300 - USA/Canada: USA/Canada: Ships on or around week of 9/28/20 - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

BIOMAX 450 - USA/Canada: Orders placed before 9/1: *SHIPPED* - Orders placed after 9/1: Ships week of 9/28 - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

BIOMAX 600 - USA/Canada: Ships on or around week of 9/7/20 - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

BIOMAX 900 - USA/Canada: Orders placed before 8/27: *SHIPPED* - Orders placed after 8/27: Ships week of 9/28 - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

Tabletop stand - USA/Canada: Ships on or around week of 9/28/20 - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

Mobile Rack Stand - USA/Canada: Ships within 48-72 business hours - All Other Countries:  7-10 days

Horizontal Rack Stand - USA/Canada: Ships on or around week of 9/13 *SHIPPED*  -  All Other Countries:  7-10 days

 All days quoted are business days from the day the individual order was placed and do not include weekends or holidays.

All dates quoted are our best approximation but can be subject to change according to daily operations or freight transport situations beyond our control.


Time In Transit:  

All USA/Canada orders ship via FedEx Ground from our Southern California facility and are shipped in the order received.  The time in transit to your destination depends on your proximity to our distribution facility.

Click this link to view the exact FedEx Ground time in transit map to your shipping address

Shipments to Canada generally take around 7 days.

Shipments to all other countries originate from our international shipping depot located outside of the USA and ship via DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT with time in transit averaging around 3-5 days.