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I'm training for a marathon. When using Biomax 450 after a long run, soreness is reduced significantly. I am also finding increased performance. My recommendation for anyone looking at this: Do it! And don't go smaller, go bigger. I look forward to adding additional panels in the future. Worth nothing, the service from the team is exceptional. Great company and great product!


Wiscasset, United States

I love this LED miracle working wonder improving my body and mentality, great floor stand you can wheel around the room.


San Francisco, United States

I couldn't be more happy with my new red light, I use it regulary to increase my energy levels.


Hillsboro, United States

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Red Light Therapy Can Transform Your Fitness Journey.
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The Healing Power of Medical-Grade
Light Therapy

Enhanced Muscle Repair

BioMax promotes cellular regeneration and repair, crucial for mending muscle tissues damaged during workouts.


Reduced Muscle Soreness

BioMAX’s deep penetration alleviates soreness by enhancing blood flow and reducing inflammation in muscles.


Increased Strength Gains

BioMax stimulates ATP production, fueling muscle growth and strength improvements post-exercise.


Boosted Endurance

Enhanced ATP and cellular energy production contribute to improved endurance and stamina.


Faster Injury Recovery

BioMAX enhances healing processes at the cellular level, reducing recovery time for sports injuries.


Improved Flexibility

Regular use of BioMAX helps maintain muscle elasticity, reduce injury risks, and enhance mobility.

Science, Not Science Fiction
01 Targeted Wavelength Technology

BioMAX uses specific red and NIR wavelengths, scientifically chosen for optimal penetration into muscle tissue, promoting faster recovery and repair.

02 Research-Backed Efficiency

Numerous studies support the efficacy of red light therapy in hastening muscle recovery and boosting the body's recuperative abilities post-exercise.

03 Cellular Level Recovery

BioMax’s red light stimulates cellular mitochondria, enhancing energy production crucial for repairing and rejuvenating body tissues.

04 Precision Therapy for Recovery

BioMax leverages the concept of photobiomodulation, targeting specific areas of the body for focused, non-invasive healing and recovery. This precision approach ensures effective treatment where it's needed most.


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