Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness

Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has added the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine, aka the ‘Beauty Angel.’

This uses a combination of red light therapy and vibration to complement a fitness routine. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Total Body Enhancement machine is, how it works, and the pros and cons of red light treatment at a Planet Fitness gym.

Red Light Therapy Technology at Planet Fitness 

Planet Fitness features the RVT30 Beauty Angel. According to Planet Fitness, the Beauty Angel LEDs deliver red wavelengths between 620-700nm. 

You may have heard the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine referred to as an ‘infrared sauna.’ However, this is inaccurate, as it does not deliver infrared wavelengths over 900nm.

The difference between being under 900nm and over 900nm is that the former is just red light, whereas the latter enters into the territory of infrared light. 

An infrared sauna typically uses infrared light of 1000nm or higher. This is considered heat therapy, whereas lower wavelength red light therapy sessions are just for red light treatment. 

The Pros of the Total Body Enhancement Machine

Users can enjoy the convenience of using the Total Body Enhancement device immediately before and/or after a workout. It proves red light therapy treatment within a limited wavelength spectrum. 

The booth is completely enclosed for full-body red light coverage. It does not emit UV radiation like tanning beds, so it is generally safe for most people.

The vibration plate is said to offer a low-impact, full-body workout.

The Cons of the Total Body Enhancement Machine

The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machines only feature red wavelengths, which do not absorb as deeply into the body as near-infrared wavelengths. You need near-infrared light to effectively treat muscles and joints.

Since the LEDs are at the end of the tubular red light therapy bulbs, the light is not aimed directly at the skin. This can make it far less effective.

Depending on how many Total Body Enhancement booths at various Planet Fitness gyms, you may need to wait to use RLT when the gym is busy.

The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement booth may not be the best treatment for anyone who is claustrophobic. 

The gym also cautions people with certain medical conditions, including light sensitivity, to avoid using the machine.

It may be best to check with your local Planet Fitness and your doctor before proceeding.

You have to be a Planet Fitness member and upgrade to the Black Card membership to enjoy the Total Body Enhancement experience (an additional $25/month on top of your regular membership, plus annual fees).

Not all Planet Fitness locations feature the Total Body Enhancement machine. Be sure to check with the Planet Fitness locations near you to see if it’s a viable option for you.


How to Use Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness 

The Total Body Enhancement machine is an enclosed red light therapy booth that surrounds you with LEDs, much like an upright tanning bed or red light therapy bed. During this treatment, users also stand on a vibrating plate that helps tone the whole body.

Offering low-impact whole-body muscle toning as well as the cellular-level benefits of red light therapy, a Total Body Enhancement machine can be used before a workout to prime your body for exercise, or afterward to help with recovery.

Depending on the intensity of the vibration you choose, the experience may be relaxing or give you more energy. The vibrating plate runs for 10 minutes.

If you’re new to using a red light therapy machine, it’s recommended you start with just a few weekly sessions. Later, users typically ramp up to daily treatment, although for many reasons, using red light therapy panels at home may be preferable. 

The total session time in a Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine is about 12 minutes.

Red light therapy is safe, non-invasive, and generally doesn’t have side effects; although if you are taking photosensitizing drugs or are sensitive to light, you’ll need to talk to your doctor before using it.

Wear eye protection while using the machine to prevent eye strain; and always apply red light to clean, bare skin free of lotions, makeup, or sunscreen which can block the light.


How Does Red Light Therapy Work? 

Red light therapy uses LED devices to deliver red and/or near infrared light to the body to stimulate beneficial biological processes.

The wavelengths most commonly used include 630-660nm red light which is part of the visible light spectrum, and 810-850nm near infrared light which is invisible to the human eye.

Red light therapy is also called low level light therapy (LLLT). In the past, the light was delivered by lasers and the treatment was called low level laser therapy. Today, LED devices are more common and powerful medical-grade devices are available for consumer use.

Red light treatment is based on ancient sunlight therapy, except that it uses only beneficial wavelengths and not potentially harmful wavelengths such as ultraviolet (UV) light which is a component of natural sunlight.

When your body absorbs the light, it interacts with light-sensitive chromophores in your cells. This in turn stimulates production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by the mitochondria in your cells. ATP is your cells’ primary fuel. This is the spark that ignites a host of benefits throughout the body.

Note that red light therapy isn't used as a tanning booth because it doesn’t contain UV rays. Only UV rays can cause your skin to darken, but UV light is also known to cause skin damage and even cancer.


BIOMAX Series for Home RLT Treatment

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of red light therapy using powerful medical-grade LED devices in the convenience of your own home.

You’ll get superior power since LEDs are aimed directly at the skin. You’ll benefit from two red wavelengths: three near-infrared wavelengths; and trace amounts of one blue wavelength for more comprehensive treatment.  

This is an investment in your overall health in the convenience of home.

Discover the differences between the panels and the competition, and compare the panels to decide which one is best for you.
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