BIOMAX 900 Wins Best Red Light Therapy Panel of 2024

BIOMAX 900 Wins Best Red Light Therapy Panel of 2024


In this article, we look into why a prominent content creator selected the BIOMAX Series 900 as the best RLT Panel of 2024. 

Read on to learn about how PlatinumLED outperformed all the other top panels in its category to come out ahead. 


Red Light Therapy by Alex Fergus

Allex Fergus has one of the most-watched YouTube channels on red light therapy products. 

Alex started his channel with various gym and lifestyle videos about seven years ago and then gradually moved into the red light therapy niche.

The following section discusses the criteria that Alex used to score the top red light therapy panels and how the BIOMAX 900 came out on top. 


The Red Light Therapy Review: Criteria, Scoring, and Winners by Category  

Alex’s criteria for the best RLT panel of 2024 included the following: 

RLT Panel Size 

This measured the height and width of the lights on the panel, not necessarily the panel’s overall height and width. This score was also modified by the overall number of LEDs. This was given as a significant factor because it determines the body’s overall surface-area exposure.

In this category, the BIOMAX Series 900 tied for second place for overall size, although has 300 LEDs, which matches the number of LEDs in all the other panels. 

RLT Panel Power Output 

This category measured the panel’s overall intensity. Alex notes that while objective measurements of panel size are likely to be uniform, companies may use different instruments to measure light intensity that may affect their numbers. In some cases, they may use instruments that are more sensitive to light intensity to provide overly optimistic intensity results. 

Companies may also measure their panel’s light intensity from different distances, which can also affect the measurement. So, it’s important to hold light intensity to one objective standard that uses the same instrument and distance measurement for all panels. 

Alex’s measurements were provided in milliwatts per centimeter squared. 

In terms of power output, the BIOMAX Series 900 was in first place with the most light intensity, measured at 90MW/CM2. 

RLT Panel Wavelengh Variety

The idea here was to reward panels that provide a wider variety of therapeutic wavelengths, based on the notion that they vary in terms of treatment benefits. The longer the wavelength is, the deeper it penetrates beyond the skin. 

Here, Alex scored the blend of wavelengths. This has to do with the intensity of each individual wavelength as a percentage of the total power output. In this section of the review, Alex argues that each available wavelength should have high intensity, so he gave higher scores to panels with more or less equal wavelength intensities. 

However, in our opinion, wavelength intensities are better optimized when they are not all the same intensity, as the body absorbs different wavelengths at different rates. 

Alex scored the BIOMAX 900 as being a step behind in this category, but we would argue that what he perceives as a flaw here is actually a feature. 

RLT Panel Company 

Here, Alex evaluates the people behind the panel. In a market with lots of new entrants, he argues that it’s important to also consider things like warranty length, customer service and support options, length of time in business, and willingness to subject their panels to independent testing. 

RLT Panel Operation 

Ease of operation was another key factor. This includes the availability of things like multi-panel setups, screens on the panel for adjustments, apps for remote control, ability to control multiple panels at once etc. 

The ability to adjust power output and setup options were also factors here, which basically effects the ability to mount panels in different places at various angles.

In this category, the BIOMAX Series 900 tied for 1st. 

RLT Panel Extras 

This category includes things like quality user manuals, length of the power cable, built-in hand grips for ease of movement. 

It also included any unique positive or negative features about the panels. The carriability and the different mounts available for the BIOMAX Series gave it a significant advantage here.

RLT Panel Price

The final equalizer was price. A panel may have all the best features, but it wouldn’t be the best value unless it were also offered at a competitive price point. 

The BIOMAX Series are not the cheapest panels available in the market, but as they are otherwise the top rated panels, coming in at around the median price point did not hurt the standing of the panels overall. 


Overall Best RLT Panel of 2024

Out of all the panels reviewed, Fergus ended up choosing the BIOMAX 900 as his best panel of the year, based on its getting the highest overall score after being judged in all categories against the other top contenders for the best RLT panel of the year in 2024.  

The BIOMAX 900 scored 93.5 points. Second place went to the Block Blue Light Mega, with 91 points, and third place was given to the Rojo Therapy Refine with 88 points. Mito’s highest scoring panel landed at 5th place with 83.5 points, and Joovv ended up being one of the worst scoring panels on the board with 40.5 points.


The BIOMAX Series

For a recap, here are the wavelenths of the BIOMAX Series red light therapy panels. All PlatinumLED panels include the following wavelengths: 

  • 630nm & 660 R+ light 
  • 810nm, 830nm, 850nm, * 1060nm NIR+ light 
  • 460nm traces of blue light 

Check out the BIOMAX Series RLT panels to see which one might be right for you.





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