Restore Hyper Wellness with Platinumled: Red Light Therapy Treatment

Restore Hyper Wellness with Platinumled: Red Light Therapy Treatment


Longevity has been a major focus of health, but the key to enjoying life is healthspan.

In this article, we introduce a system developed by health clinic Restore Hyper Wellness to share some of the tenets of living a healthy lifestyle and doing more of what you love most. 

We also celebrate the clinic’s partnership with PlatinumLED to provide the best in class red light therapy treatment for their patients in their wellness centers, the BIOMAX Series.  

In the following sections, we take a look at this exciting perspective on wellness, the numerous services offered, as well as how red light therapy plays an important role. 

And finally, we look into why the BIOMAX Series stands out as the ideal solution for clinical red light therapy treatment. 


Modern Medicine vs. Holistic Treatment

Public health and the rate of chronic diseases have worsened in the United States. Given this reality, we have witnessed a transformation in the public perception of the guidelines in formal medical care. 

Patients are taking a greater interest in discovering an empirically sensible, first-principles approach to health and wellbeing. 

This involves adopting the mentality that there is no ‘magic pill’ to resolve health issues and that numerous issues can be addressed through healthy choices and preventative care. 


What is Hyper Wellness?

To quote the clinic, “Hyper Wellness is a system of total balance, energy and proactive healing that allows you to feel your best, reach your full potential and do more of what you love.” 

This involves taking a holistic approach to allow the body to heal itself and function optimally. 

The goal may be super simple, whereas the question of how to get there requires breaking the components of holistic health into treatments. 


Cutting-Edge Wellness Treatments 

Here are some of the treatments that may be recommended as part of your experience at the Hyper Wellness Clinic


  • IV Drip Therapy 
  • Intramuscular (IM) Shots
  • NAD+ IV Therapy
  • NAD+ IM Shot Therapy
  • Brightening Vitamin C Facial


  • Compression
  • Weight Management Program
  • Renew & Sculpt Facial 


  • Infrared Sauna
  • Cryoskin


  • IV Drip Therapy 
  • Weight Management Program
  • Hydrafacial™


  • Red Light Therapy
  • Infrared Sauna


  • Red Light Therapy 
  • Compression 
  • Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Hydrating Hyaluronic Facial


  • Cryotherapy
  • Cryoskin


  • Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 
  • Circadia® Oxygen Facial


  • IV Drip Therapy
  • NAD+ IV Therapy
  • NAD+ IM Shot Therapy
  • Hydrafacial™
  • Hydrating Hyaluronic Facial

Restore Hyper Wellness has clinics all over the country. We recommend checking out the Restore Hyper Wellness website for more information. 


Red Light Therapy for Wellness Clinics 

The use of red light therapy is becoming standard in clinics and wellness centers. 

This is as studies mount to show its numerous benefits, with little to no side effects. 

At this point, most patients interested in holistic treatment at a wellness center expect red light therapy to be available. 

For those who are new to RLT, here’s a summary of some of the potential benefits. Red light therapy energizes the body by stimulating the mitochondria with specific therapeutic wavelengths that can help with the following: 

Traces of blue light provided in the BIOMAX Series RLT panels also treat surface-level skin conditions. 

We encourage readers to look into the literature reviews and clinical research on RLT to get a better understanding of the different scholarly perspectives on the benefits of treatment, some of which are provided above.  


Why Use the BIOMAX Series in Wellness Centers? 

There are many different types of devices to choose from, so why has the Restore Hyper Wellness Clinic chosen to use the BIOMAX Series in its clinics? 

Choosing an RLT Device

Factors that impact the effectiveness of treatment include overall exposure on the surface area of the body, light intensity, number of therapeutic wavelengths included. 

Red light therapy wands, masks, belts, and other ancillary types of RLT treatment do not provide the skin exposure, the light intensity, or the desired therapeutic wavelengths needed to optimize treatment. 

If clinics are serious about treatment, in most cases they will opt for RLT panels over other types of RLT delivery mechanisms. Red light therapy panels also offer numerous different setups with stands that can combine multiple panels for even more intensity. 

Some argue in favor of RLT beds. However, they are not only cost-prohibitive. They prevent light from mixing during treatment due to the fact that users must lie directly on the diodes, which is a therapeutic disadvantage. 


The BIOMAX Series

The BIOMAX Series offers the most effective therapeutic wavelengths in one panel, including the following:

  • 480nm (traces of blue)
  • 630nm (R+)
  • 660nm (R+)
  • 810nm (NIR+)
  • 830nm (NIR+)
  • 850nm (NIR+) 
  • 1060nm (NIR+) 

It is affordable and meanwhile has the highest intensity of any consumer RLT panel on the market at 174 mW/cm2. It is also the only RLT panel to offer traces of blue light. 

As noted above, the availability of mounting systems also increases the ease of implementing multi-light setups, which are often suitable for the intensity of treatment desired in a clinical setting. 

Take a look at the BIOMAX Series to learn more about which RLT panel setup might be right for you. 


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