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Impressive Results

I had been in horrific pain with my hip for nearly two months. I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. It started September 12, 2021. My son and daughter-in-law recommended your red light, so we ordered one. It arrived in late October. Every day that I sat before the red light, the pain lessened. By the third week in November I was pain free!!! I credit your light for helping me overcome chronic bursitis!!!

So glad to finally have this in home

We started using these at a spa and could see how expensive it was going to be to continue using them. We made the jump and purchased 2 Biomax 900 for full body treatments and couldn't be happier!


I wantd to give it a month or so of use before writing my review as I understand that some of the effects of IR and NIR will take a while to manifest themselves. It's been 3 or 4 weeks since I received my panel. I suffered a severe TBI (GCS score of 3) 9.5 years ago. My walking gait has been greatly affected since. Since starting using my PlatinumLED panel I have noticed a great improvement in my walking gait which has become more 'normal'. During the time that I have been using the panel, I have typically used it twice a day on my head for a period of about 10 minutes.


I am sooo impressed with the bio max 900, and stand. Superior quality The performance of both. WOW!!! I am so please with the results. Hopeful, for futher improvements to my mind body, that has sooo lifted my soul. THANKYOU SOOO MUCH. .

This light might have saved my life

After 20 yrs living in chronic pain from cervical stenosis, arthritis and scoliosis…trying everything from cortisone injections in my spine and lidocaine in my muscles, acupuncture and everything in between, I cannot say enough good things about my bio max 300! My daily pain went from a 8 to about a 3 within weeks! 5 months in and I only need to use The light for about 20 min once or twice a week to maintain my level of pain-free! The anti-aging benefits are just a bonus! Love love love!!!!

I absolutely love them.

Great service.

Love them.

The highest of quality

First product I have purchase from Platinum is the Biomax900. After extensive research and finding online comparisons of different manufactures the Platinum seemed to be the best. I order 1 Biomax900 and the horizontal stand. The online pictures of the stand did not show just how heavy duty the stand is built. After taking delivery of the stand and light, I ordered a 2nd Biomax900 in the same day since the panel quality is amazing and the stand will have no problem holding both. The comments of any poor packaging from older unit must have been totally handled as both units were packed to perfection, each piece of stand or part had its own protected foam area to travel in. Packaging allowed the stand and light to show up in perfect condition with no bumps or scratches from the delivery. As to operation of the light it works perfectly and the benefits of RLT are already being felt and seen with my wife and I. You should have no hesitation ordering from this company.

Top Quality!!

Once again I am extremely pleased with my purchase from PlatinumLED. I have the Biomax 600 panel and my most recent purchase was for the light panel stand. It’s worth every Penny!! My husband and I can now lay in our bed while using our red light panel. It’s a game changer for sure, it’s much more comfortable to get our right light sessions in now. Well worth the money!! Thank you!!

Michael Cash
Great Addition

Purchased a BioMax 900 two years ago. The new design melds well with the old when linked. Very happy with the output, and now, with the reduced exposure time required.

best money I ever spent.

I really like it !

I think it’s already helping with arthritis pain after only 2 weeks!

Platinum LED Therapy Lights

This is a fantastic product! We also purchased the rack system to hold the LED panels for easy use.

Margie Levy

This stand is really sturdy and I love that it’s on wheels. I only wish it could hold panels side-by-side instead of just vertically.

Love love love

I bought this light to help with anti aging. Little did I know how well it would help with inflammation! I saw my eye doctor 2 weeks before getting my light. I started a regimen for extremely dry eyes. I had a follow up appt 4 weeks later. I had been using light therapy (mind you, for anti aging) for 2 weeks at my follow up appt. He was amazed at the drastic improvements to not only my lids but the surface inflammation. I mentioned light therapy and he told me it had to be a contributing factor to the huge improvement. I was informed that they use IPL (intense pulsed light) when other therapies fail. I am excited to see all that improves in my body as 2 weeks of therapy turn into 2 months and then 2 years!

Great product

Thanks for the great lights.

BioMax 600

This is my second red light purchase from Platinum LED. The first was a regular light; this is the BioMax. Obviously they work well for me.

Biomax 450 & 900

Loving the lights, after only using them for 1 week I can visually see and feel the difference. The delivery was fast although customs did hold them for 2 weeks. If you are purchasing from Australia they will charge import tax on the larger lights, fortunately, I got away with that. Platinum Therapy Lights were so helpful and easy to deal with. I highly recommend the purchase, the racks are also worth the money, I love the horizontal rack and lay on my massage table with the light above my body.


Very nice. I hope to see more benefits as time goes on.

Quality all the way through!

Products are impressive and service was outstanding!!!

Absolutely fantastic

I purchased the Biomax 900 panels. I bought 4 panels that are held together with the mobile stand. It was easy to assemble although it does take some time and care. I have been using the panels for about 2 weeks and definitely notice an improvement in sleep and skin. Everything has been as advertised and I’m very pleased with my purchase!

Therapeutic & calming

I'm in LOVE with this light. I do it every morning for ten minutes, and even when it's cold it wakes me up and helps me feel calm and ready to start the day. It's kind of nice that there's not much you can do while sitting in front of it - I listen to things sometimes, but other times I just zen out with my eyes closed. The light is still pretty bright through the goggles, so I pad them with some reusable cotton pads.

I feel like I've seen a big difference in the overall texture of my skin, and when I'm sore from working out this really helps. 10/10 recommend!

PlatinumLED Therapy Lights: BIOMAX Multi-Light Combinations

Seems great so far. Looking for long term and short term results. Time will tell!

Great lights,

I have purchased 4 lights and the stand and they work amazing. I would highly recommend this product, well worth the money.